Michael Sikorski


Monica Bihar-Natzke

This is a little thank you note to you for all of the hard work you did in finding us our dream home. From previous experiences I learned that most realtors are rude and pushy, but not Mike. The moment I spoke to him on the phone I could tell that he truly cared about whatever I wanted; I instantly had a great amount of trust in him. This being our first home, we didn't know what we were doing. Mike quickly found us several good locations when we wanted to look into building on vacant land. He was flexible enough to worked with me over just e-mail and phone since I was on my last days of pregnancy. And even after the baby was born and we had to change our plans, Mike charged in and came up with great options for a home - he really knew what he was doing. (Best of all because he has a great family of his own he was always in-tune to what would be the best for a "family".) We looked at so many houses at one point I thought he might tell us to go away because we were so picky, but he kept showing us houses and didn't pressure us into buying anything. Only after we were absolutely sure that it was the best way to go did he encourage us in all the right ways. But best of all I love the way he went out of his way to make us happy: to be sure that we were well informed (the way he explained everything and made us feel at ease), and that he went the extra mile to help us achieve our goal. He took the time to drive us (almost every week) to see homes and when we finally found our dream house and he worked with the selling agent to lower the price a little and get us the house for an affordable price. He made everything so easy to understand and made the experience worth while!! There are many agents out there, but I'll be working with Mike for years to come. Mike made us feel like we were his only clients: he was ALWAYS on time, ALWAYS had what he had promised for us, and ALWAYS listened and tried to get us what we wanted and could afford. He didn't try to "sell" us - and that is what sold us on him! I am encouraging all my friends and relatives to work with Mike.

Sharon Maas

Trust me when I say, "no two real estate agents are alike." In November of 2003, I decided to start the search for my very first home. I spoke to family members and friends to hear about their home buying experiences and perhaps utilize the same real estate agent. Most of the people I spoke to did not have a pleasant experience to share with me. I then had a friend who referred me to a real estate agent friend of hers. I met and worked with this agent for a short period of time, but I was not comfortable with her. This agent kept pressuring me to sign the agreement to work solely with her, but I would not do it. She never gave me all the listings that were available. She only provided me with the listings she wanted to show me. When she would show me a home, I felt as though she was pressuring me to buy it, so she could get her commission as quickly as possible. She never listened to me when I told her what I liked and disliked in a home. One day I drove by a home that I just had to see. I called my agent and she told me that it would be 7 to 10 days before she could show me this home. I did not want to wait, so I called the office that had the home listed (Keller-Williams). I was connected with Michael Sikorski and immediately noticed how much more helpful he was than the agent I was currently working with. Michael e-mailed me the listing for the home I wanted to see immediately, plus he e-mailed me listings for other homes in that area. Michael worked around my schedule and two nights later I was able to see the home and he also lined up a few more for me to see without me even asking. I did not buy any of the homes I saw that night, but I feel that I lucked out that night because Michael was so nice and understanding. Michael asked me if it would be okay for him to e-mail me new listings as they became available. I told him that would be fine. To my surprise, the next day he e-mailed me more than 30 listings for me to review. Michael set it up so that any new listings would automatically be e-mailed to me. Practically every day for the next six months I received home listings to review. My prior agent would send me 3-4 listings a week and now I was receiving 3-4 per day from Michael. Michael worked around my schedule, and he even gave me my very own evening every week to go home shopping. There were some weeks when I could not wait to see a certain property, and Michael would arrange it for me to see that property as soon as possible. Michael was very quick in returning my many phone calls and e-mails, and he was always on time for our appointments. From the first time I met Michael, he told me it did not matter how long it takes or how many homes I needed to look at, but he just wanted me to be happy with the home I finally purchase. To my surprise, he was serious when he said this. It took me six months and approximately 60+ homes before I found the one for me. I am so thankful for the whole experience and working with Michael. Anyone I know who is thinking about buying or selling a home, I tell him or her to call Michael Sikorski. I also like to tell people how we met by accident, and it was the best thing that happened to me. I guess it is true that certain people are brought into your life for a reason. I did not have a lot of trust with my first agent, so I thought that this would be the case with any agent because they were out to get their commission, but Michael was not like this at all. If I had to do this all over again, the only thing I would do differently would be to call Michael Sikorski sooner!

Ken & Mary Seelye

We are writing you this letter to inform your company of what an outstanding agent you have working in your office. Michael C. Sikorski has made selling our home a piece of cake.  We knew from the first moment we met him that he truly does love his work.  My husband and I had interviewed ten other agents before we met Mike, and it wasn’t until we met with Mike that we knew we could stop searching.  He brought something with him that no other agent had, and that was integrity.  Mike worked with us as if this was his home he was selling.  He was very honest with us from the beginning. The very first day we sat down, he let us know exactly what we were up against.  We never once felt as if we were being deceived.  If we ever had a problem or concern we knew without a doubt that Mike would take care of it and he did.  The whole time we felt as if Mike made us his number one priority.  He showed us by listening to us and what we thought that he truly cared.  Another reason we admire Mike is because he made sure that our home was being marketed for all of the Tri-County area to see.  He went above and beyond to advertise our home by making flyers, advertising in the Keller Williams Showcase of Homes magazine, and listing it in the Multiple Listing Service until the day it was sold.  If it wasn’t for Michael I don’t know what we’ve would have done.  Selling a house is a scary process, and we have heard from many friends and relatives different horror stories.  But it is because of Mike that I am proud to say we only have good things to say about selling our home. We want to thank your company and Michael Sikorski for such a superior job well done!!!

Ken & Mary Seelye

Once again, I am writing this letter to inform your company of what an outstanding job Michael C. Sikorski did with not only the selling of our home, but also the purchasing of our new home.  Again Mike went above and beyond our expectations.  My husband and I were on a time crunch to purchase a new home.  We had to be out of our original home in twenty days. Mike must have showed us at least fifty homes within just one week, and we still weren’t satisfied. We just couldn’t find the home that fit us best.  He then explained to us that it was his fiduciary duties to show us ALL the homes available including the for sale by owners and the expireds.  Eventually, with some luck we did end up finding our dream home, however, it was a for sale by owner.  Mike never became upset or angry.  He was just as glad to see that we found something we were comfortable in.  We truly do admire Mike for that.  Any other agent would not have been as understanding as Mike was.  Not only was he understanding about the whole situation, he even offered to help us move in! If it wasn’t for Mike we never would have found a home in time.  My husband, myself and our four children just wanted to express our gratitude towards Keller Williams and Michael Sikorski for a job well done.  Were definitely going to refer any of our friends and relatives looking to buy or sell their homes to Keller Williams.  This is such a great company with great morals and ethics behind them.

Dale & Theresa

Dear Dave (Team Leader),

 I just wanted to send you an e-mail to inform you of what a great job Mike Sikorski did for us. We recently sold our house and purchased a new one through Mike. With it being a rough start for us when we placed it on the market with a different REALTOR the end results with Mike was great. As you may or may not know my Husband is the works directly with the REALTORS in the industry and in your office, so with the job that he has been doing for 15 years, I have had the chance to meet many different REALTORS and I can just say there are a lot of them I wouldn't do business with, just by the way they present themselves. But the first time we met Mike it was very pleasant and professional. Mike took the time for us during the whole selling and buying process to answer any question we asked of him, he gave us great advice on things to change in the house (he went room by room) with suggestions on what to change. Overall he went up and beyond the call of duty for us and I can't say that about the first REALTOR we hired or some we have met in the past.

 Buying the house we did was a lot easier than I thought it would be. Mike had everything that was needed for the closing to go smooth and he was there to explain things we did not understand. When Mike took us through all the houses we wanted to look at, he was great with getting us in the houses at our conveneince and voiced his opinion when we asked. The overall job objective that we gave Mike was met beyond we ever thought (rate 10) and I would recommend Mike and Keller Williams to anyone I know selling or buying a house.

 Any further questions please call'